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Coming from just outside London, Hazel’s roots run deep with 140, Dubstep, and drum and bass sounds, drawing inspiration from the likes of Deep Medi, Tectonic, and White Peach Records. Following a stint in Amsterdam’s underworld listening to the artistry of DJs like Blawan and Coco Bryce blending the essence of UK sounds including hardcore and jungle on Dutch soundscapes. Hazel’s sets show off that infectious energy, traversing genres from 140 to 160 and beyond.

Make sure to check out Cymatic, the brainchild of Hazel, Raq-L and Aditya. A night for like minded music lovers in search of sonic rapture, this community is bound by a shared love for unparalleled euphoria. With three mind-bending sold-out boat parties in East London behind them, stay tuned for what’s next on the horizon!

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