Every month we pick some of the station’s residents who are really pushing their shows. This month we have Liv West, Kurai Hikari, Nikki O and Subtle Mind. 

Make sure you read what these amazing presenters and/or DJ’s are up to!

The Butterfly Effect w/ Liv West

The Butterfly Effect is all in the name, a show that dedicates itself to the power and influence of music from across the pond to our own evolving Rap scene in the UK. Focusing on Hip Hop, Rap, Drill and Grime, I wanted a show that left listeners wanting more, showing how each movement and moment in music matters just like a butterflies flutter can cause a hurricane, the power of music can cause a tidal wave of emotions, interest, and inspiration.

Each week I carefully curate a tracklist blending the new sounds of fresh releases with the big boy hype tunes we all need in our lives on a Saturday morning! Of course, hosted by myself there is a tonne of sarcasm and chat to bring the balance of sick music and some laughs. With a focus on the artist behind the music, interviews are a huge part of accentuating the ethos of TBE. In the future, I want to keep building TBE as a platform for fans of the music I play to have a chance to learn more about the artists I showcase, while also becoming a community space for likeminded music lovers. 

Instagram: @liv.west

Instagram: @thebfeffect

Kurai Hikari

Since starting my show on Subtle, I felt that I wanted to put together a show which helped support and push new grime music. If you’ve listened to one of my shows, you’ll know I like to present as much as I can and bring a bit more of a rounded grime show element, rather then just a grime set.

Each month I like to play the latest vocal and instrumental releases from the scenes established and up and coming producers and artists.

I also highlight my track of the week, play “One from the Archive”, where I delve into my collection and bring back a classic grime track, as well as my “Producer Showcase” segment when I showcase 5 tracks from a grime producer. The last segment of the show is where I get a solo guest MC in and let them shell off, uninterrupted, with myself in the mix with 2021 on the horizon, I’ll be bringing some wicked guests down to promote the best in fresh grime music. Big up the Subtle Family!

Instagram: @ItsKuraiHikari

Twitter: @ItsKuraiHikari

Nikki O

I’m Nikki O, a Belfast born, Notts based, DJ and radio presenter. My show is my platform to share all the class music I’ve found over the last month, mixed in with some older gems in my collection. There’s nothing better than discovering a weapon of a tune so I’m always so excited to be able to share them on the radio. This has been even more special this year as we’ve seen the importance of radio when the clubs are shut. My 1-hour show normally traverses through genres from spacey and bass-heavy techno to jungle, breaks, and UKG. I’ve just started having short guest mixes on my show, I’d love to incorporate that more often to highlight some of the sick DJs across the country.

Instagram: @nikki.osborne